S&P Downgrade – Who’s to Blame?

There is a bunch of finger-pointing going around on who’s to blame for the downgrade. 

People are pointing their fingers at the Tea Party, at the Military, at the Democrats, at the Republicans, even at the S&P (the messenger) – basically everyone but themselves.  Reminds me of an alcoholic/drug addict blaming external circumstances to their own decisions and behavior.

What we have is a SPENDING PROBLEM.  The first step in any problem is admitting we have a problem.  We are not there yet…  We are still in denial.  In order for us to begin to correct the problem, we need to admit we have a Spending Problem.  Once we do that, we can begin to correct the situation.

Monetary Base

First  let’s look at what we have done to our Monetary Base in the last 3 years…If that doesn’t indicate a problem, then let’s look at the Federal Expenditures:

Federal Expenditures

We have been greedy and voting idiots into office for years and years based on promises of us getting “free” stuff.  We rationalize it by envy, telling ourselves that the “rich” should pay for it.
But the truth is getting hard to ignore.  We can take everyone’s income, 100% of everyone’s income and we still won’t pay for our spending.
Here are some more images of reality that we need to get through our thick skulls:
It is time to pay the piper.  Our world has changed and we now need to change.
We need to take responsibility for our own actions and quit blaming others for what we did.  
THIS is why S&P downgraded our Credit Rating.  Not because of some bickering that took place last week…
Would you lend your money to someone who is spending out of control like this??

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