Twin Cities Metro Area Property Tax Rates

I discovered an interesting study conducted by the National Association of Home Builderson the County Property Tax rates.  They conducted this study based off of 2005-2009 property taxes throughout the nation.  This data probably reflects some errors as I know my property taxes have gone up since 2009, but it is still an interesting illustration of effective property tax rates.

Median Property Tax

Median Tax Rate per $1000 of value
If you are anything like me, you are asking yourself right now:  Why did I choose to live in the highest taxed County?
This data is a little out of date being that it is from 2005-2009 and property taxes are continuing to climb.  It does however show where you might want to move to in the metro area to pay the least amount in property taxes..
If you are curious on the county property taxes for the entire country, goto NAHB’s sudy.


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