Case Shiller Index: Twin Cities map comparison to the nation.

I was reading John Murphy’s report on the Case Shiller home price index in some areas is back to 1997 pricing.  That post got me curious on how we compare.  I am more of a visual learner, so  I was able to create this map using the St Louis Federal Reserve Banks database to show the declines.

Keep in mind, January 2000 = 100 on this index. so the higher the number the less of a price decline.  Minneapolis St Paul is ranked fairly hard hit on price declines along with Chicago, Atlanta, and appears to Charlotte NC.    We are doing better than Detroit and a couple Metro areas like Las Vegas, and parts of Arizona and Ohio. 

This  burst my dream world fantasy that being in Minnesota makes us immune from the national trends.  Looks to me like we clobbered on this one… 

Case Shiller Home Index Map


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