Minnesota Unemployment Claims decreased: Sept 09, 2011

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This is good news, Minnesota Unemployment  Claims decreased for August.   We need to take this in baby steps, and enjoy little successes here and there until we get to the point of growing jobs again…  More jobs = more qualified home buyers, more qualified home buyers = property value stabilization.

Source: Positively Minnesota

Initial claims for unemployment decreased 18,474 for August to 19,625, returning to a more normal pattern following a state government shutdown. It’s the first time there have been fewer than 20,000 initial claims in a month since September of 2008. Year-over-year, the decrease is of 17.8 percent, or 4,238. The largest decrease was in Construction (down 29.6 percent, to 2,657 claims), while the only increase was in Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (up 5.9 percent, to 306 claims). Most other industries saw moderate declines over the year, consistent with the past several months and seasonal trends.  On a seasonally adjusted basis, initial claims were 24,994, down 22,726 from July.

Click Here for a detailed break down by industry.  Great Stats for the detail oriented person.


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