Orono ranks #1 in highest median home price in MN, Wayzata ranks #10

Lake Minnetonka 1

Image by yuan2003 via Flickr: Lake Minnetonka

Just some fun information.  Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journals ranked 14,214 Cities nationwide by median home value and upper quartile value. 

It appears the power Lake Minnetonka’s “Lake Affect” helped the cities near the lake rank high on this list.

 Orono ranked top of the list for median home price while Wayzata comes in 10th place in Minnesota.  For upper quartile house value  for Minnesota, Dellwood ranks 1, followed by Orono and then Tonka Bay.

For Minnesota’s highest median home value, the list ranks in this order:

Orono, MN  Median Home Value:  $732,600

Dellwood, MN   Median Home Value:  $686,500

North Oaks, MN  Median Home Value:  $651,700

Tonka Bay, MN  Median Home Value:  $588,200

Independence, MN  Median Home Value:   $542,400

Deephaven, MN  Median Home Value:   $532,700

Minnetrista, MN  Median Home Value:  $512,700

Medina, MN  Median Home Value:  $479,500

Grant, MN  Median Home Value:    $460,600

Wayzata, MN  Median Home Value:   $452,700

This is just a very short summary of the full story by Minneapolis St Paul Business Journals.

Read Full Story from Mpls/St Paul Business Journals


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