How to Predict Local Home Prices

Had to post this, this is a great article about the basic economics behind the local housing markets.  It explains why you should read my Blog and why you should work with me when buying or selling real estate!

You’re about to put an offer on a home, but you’re worried that prices will sink and you wont get the best deal. Youre putting your home on the market and you want to get the most you can for it but you can’t wait forever to sell it. Youve found a great deal on a foreclosure that looks like a great investment, but how what will it be worth a year from now?

via How to Predict Local Home Prices.



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3 responses to “How to Predict Local Home Prices

  1. That was a good article. Jobs!!!!! I like the part about AVM’s. The only AVM homeowners should sign-up with is their neighborhood Realtor. Zillow and the like are a novelty, only real human beings can differentiate all of the nuances that go along with real estate.

    • Great point. I agree with you on determining values on properties. We Realtors get pretty close – but we have more flexibility with pricing and we often like to test the market out first. As an Appraiser, establishing Appraisal value you have to get a lot more detailed. You had a great explination on the process on establishing Appraisal value, You don’t suppose AVM’s do all that do you??

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