Mortgage Rates after the Twist, 09/26/2011 (day 5)


Image by Rev Dan Catt via Flickr

Still watching the 10 Year Treasury to see if there is any indication that rates might come down.  Today the Dow soared 272 points to close over 11,000.  This is great news by itself…  

The 10 Year Treasury rose 5.31% closing at 1.9040.  Keep in mind, even though it increased – it is still extremely low.  

The 10 Year Treasury is heading in the wrong direction to bring mortgage rates even lower, but as you can see the 10 year Treasury moves a lot more than the mortgage rates do.  The 10 Year treasury may yet drop and bring the mortgage rates down.  Time will tell.  As of today, the 10 year treasury is going up and the mortgage rates have not changed:  (oh bummer, we appear to be stuck at record low interest rates.)

Today’s Mortgage Rates

The current interest rates shown below are based on a purchase of a single-family, primary residence. For current refinance rates, contact us

as of 09/26/2011 09:58 AM Central

Product Interest Rate APR
Conforming1 and FHA1 Loans
30-Year Fixed 4.000% 4.181%
30-Year Fixed FHA 3.750% 4.550%
15-Year Fixed 3.125% 3.440%
7-Year ARM 2.750% 3.122%
5-Year ARM FHA 2.750% 2.908%
Jumbo1 Loans – Amounts that exceed conforming loan limits1
30-Year Fixed 4.250% 4.392%


I’ll keep tracking this for a while longer, or at least until I get bored with it!  



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