Sunday Morning Housing Market Chart

It’s Sunday Morning and being in real estate means today is a work day to be in Model homes, open houses or showings.

As I walked out to the driveway I noticed a great chart indicating our current housing market.

Housing Market

If you notice on the bottom of the chart represents the Buyers, and the top of the chart represents the inventory.

It’s going to a long day!  Fortunately for me only the bottom half of the tire is flat!  I’m a ‘cup is half full’ kind of guy..

Enjoy your Sunday….  I need to change a tire now.



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3 responses to “Sunday Morning Housing Market Chart

  1. Hey Craig,
    I think this might be your best chart yet! I hope everything worked-out.


    • Thanks! I thought it illustrated the point quite well..

      I got the tire changed after some monkey business with the jacks that come with the GM’s. From now on I am carrying my own jack in the car for roadside emergencies. Fortunately this was in my driveway so I had a real jack I could use rather than GM’s…

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